Can Bros Be Bronies? These Guys Seem To Think So

Bronies aren’t a new thing. They’ve been, maybe out isn’t the best term, but they’ve been around for a long time. The Brony population is exploding with each passing year. They’re even dominating the audience at assorted PonyCon conventions across the country.

PonyCon, for those unaware, is a Comic-Con-like festival dedicated to all things My Little Pony. PonyCony 2015 galloped into Brooklyn recently and Animal NY was there to ask the tough questions. Questions like — what the fuck is a Brony?

Just in case you skipped the video, the definition of a brony is essentially “bro who’s into My Little Pony.”  Most of these men consider themselves bros. Are they wrong?

One of the founding principals of this very website (it’s even on our Twitter account) is that “every bro has a story.” These men have a story. Somewhere, at some point, these guys got hooked on My Little Pony. It might not be their whole life. They have jobs, watch sports, jack it to porn and do all the other things the average bros do. Does that make them “less than bro”? How are these guys any different than the typical Comic-Con attendee or dude who flies to New York for the NFL Draft, complete with body paint, and spends the entire first day screaming dick jokes at Roger Goodell.

Alright, so My Little Pony isn’t the most manly of interests, but these Bronies probably feel the same way about your secret love of The Bachelor or massive Pog collection that you SWEAR will be worth a fortune any day now. Annnnyyyy fucking day.

So, without being dicks, let’s hear what you have to say. Are bronies just as bro as the rest of us?

[H/T: Animal NY]