Couple Of Bros Chased A Tornado That Ended Up Injuring Five And Got The Whole Thing On Video

I consider myself a pretty brave guy. I go on roller coasters with multiple loop-de-loops. I leave my cup unattended at house parties and drink from it without checking to see if I got drugged. I eat gas station Mexican food. All that being said, I don’t think I have it in me to go storm chasing. There’s just something about running towards the very same weather patterns that people literally build underground bunkers to avoid that really turns me off to the whole idea. I get the whole adrenaline thing but there has to be ways to do the same thing without willingly running after a pillar of spinning wind full of debris.

However, just because I don’t want to physically do it doesn’t mean I don’t want an opportunity to see a storm rip it’s way through earth. Which is why this video from a few storm-chasing bros is awesome. Even better, it’s a 360 video, so literally miss nothing. Not even the few massive pieces of debris these bros almost get murdered by. The footage was captured in Wray, Colorado and see the formation of the tornado as well as tracks its path as it heads to town, where it would eventually toss some homes and tractors around as well as injure five.