Some Buffalo Bros Turned The 5 Feet Of Snow Outside Their Front Door It Into A Beer Fridge

The city of Buffalo just had one big snow week. No school, no work, no nothing. Well, except for eating, drinking, TV show marathons and lots of napping. Being under snow-induced house arrest can make you go nuts, though. This week had to be extra tumultuous for single people who live alone. I’d imagine that at first the solidarity was nice, but at this point they’ve probably taken so many whack off breaks that they’ve blistered their genitalia something fierce. Gotta use lube when you’re marathon jacking, folks. That’s just prudent.

But I digress…

One household, stuck trying to figure out how to spend their 96 hours in lockdown, used the massive pile of snow outside their front door to their advantage — they fashioned it into beer/liquor fridge. Not quite as fun as whacking yourself silly, but I suppose it does the job.


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