Burger King Accidentally Posts Guy’s Phone Number On Their Website, He Proceeds To Troll The Shit Out Of Employees

by 4 years ago

The story goes that Burger King accidentally posted the phone number of a man in Chicago on their website, listing it as the number for employees to call in order to get their works schedules. Instead of a 773 area code they put in 312, and all calls were directed to some hilarious troll in the greater Chicago area.

Firstly, this man is a brilliant troll. Secondly, some of these callers (the 2nd) truly deserved what they got. The second caller was a straight up ‘see you next Tuesday’. But he prevailed…”I can’t bring you new food.”

I lost it when she tried to shit on him ‘Obviously you don’t care, because you’re the manager of a Burger King, this is your career‘ to which he responds ‘It’s more of a hobby, not a career.’


That first caller though, I have to say when he was telling her that she’d have to come in at the ass crack of down to rip the heads and feathers off of chickens, well I was feeling a little badly for her at that point. She was just on board with it, if she had to decapitate chickens at 5 in the morning then that was exactly what she was doing that day. What a fucking trooper.


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