Burger King Accidentally Posts Guy’s Phone Number On Their Website, He Proceeds To Troll The Shit Out Of Employees

The story goes that Burger King accidentally posted the phone number of a man in Chicago on their website, listing it as the number for employees to call in order to get their works schedules. Instead of a 773 area code they put in 312, and all calls were directed to some hilarious troll in the greater Chicago area.

Firstly, this man is a brilliant troll. Secondly, some of these callers (the 2nd) truly deserved what they got. The second caller was a straight up ‘see you next Tuesday’. But he prevailed…”I can’t bring you new food.”

I lost it when she tried to shit on him ‘Obviously you don’t care, because you’re the manager of a Burger King, this is your career‘ to which he responds ‘It’s more of a hobby, not a career.’


That first caller though, I have to say when he was telling her that she’d have to come in at the ass crack of down to rip the heads and feathers off of chickens, well I was feeling a little badly for her at that point. She was just on board with it, if she had to decapitate chickens at 5 in the morning then that was exactly what she was doing that day. What a fucking trooper.


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