Bro On Vine Goes Around Surprising Strangers And Narrating Their Lives, The Results Are Hilarious

Thomas Sanders is a Vine personality with over 4.4 million followers, and one of his recurring sketches is he’ll go around and surprise strangers on the street with ‘story time’, where he’ll jump in with a story prompt and strangers are put on the spot.

When I first heard this premise I thought to myself: (a) no chance this guy’s actually funny, and (b) if people ever refers to themselves as ‘famous on Vine’ they should get kicked in the junk. However, this guy never at any point refers to himself as famous on Vine, so he’s fine in my back. And as it turns out this guy’s actually quite gifted at making people uncomfortable on the streets, and then flipping that into comedy:

You can find his Vine channel by clicking HERE.


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