This Kid’s Epic Meltdown After Missing A Putt Puts Tiger Woods’ Tantrums To Shame

Hell hath no fury like a man who’s just missed a tap in putt, tack on top of that the terrible twos and you’re in for an absolute whirlwind of anger and temper tantrums.

Even at the height of his career, Tiger Woods never displayed an epic meltdown to the degree of this little dude. It’s as if the very fabric of his life is unraveling before his very eyes, all because he tried to smack the crap out of a tap-in and sent it flying.

Bro, doth thou even watcheth Happy Gilmore? You just gotta taaaap it in, give it a little tappy-tap. A little tap, tap, tap-a-roo. Chubbs is no liar, bro. He knows how to putt, and you’d be wise to heed his advice.

via @JukinVideo


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