Tiger Woods Played Good Guy For A Day And Made A Three-Year-Old One-Handed Golfer’s Dreams Come True

Fox Sports

Genuine, human moments are few and far between when it comes to Tiger Woods. Save for a profanity-laced outburst at himself for hitting a poor shot, or directed at a cameraman who has dogshit timing, I don’t recall him ever acting any more human in public than the maid from The Jetsons (Rosie, bless her non-heart).  That is, until I saw this video where he made the day of Tommy Morrissey, a three-year-old golfer who was born without part of his right arm.

Just look at the initial hug he gives him. LOOK, GODDAMMIT!

If he’s faking that, I’ll eat my fucking underwear. Skids and all.

Anyway, the real story here isn’t Tiger appearing to have a human heart, it’s Tommy Morrissey. Odds stacked against him and all the kid can flat out get it done with a golf club. At three-years-old and only using one arm, Morrissey can drive a golf ball 70-yards. 70 YARDS! Kid is a stud.