Burger King Is Releasing A Whopper-Scented Fragrance So You Can Always Smell ‘Flame-Grilled’

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Debuting Japan in April, Burger King is releasing a ‘Flame-Grilled’ scent so that you can forever smell like their iconic Whopper. I’m completely baffled as to why they’d want to launch this in Japan and not America, where we know the value of smelling like some flame-grilled meat!

It will reportedly cost $41 per bottle (5,000 yen), and each purchase will come with a complimentary whopper. The announcement came with a James Bond-esque poster:



The only thing that’s tripping me up about this is that they’re launching it on April Fool’s Day. While it is also the date of Burger King’s new ‘Whopper Day’, the fact that they’re launching a Whopper-scented cologne on the one day of the year when we expect pranks just seems odd.

It appears that Mashable (and a few others) agree with me on this April Fool’s Day assessment:

The whole thing smells like an April Fool’s Day prank, and could very well be, but a Burger King fragrance is not unprecedented. In 2008, the fine restaurant released a cologne called Flame. Flame, which has since been discontinued, was available online and at Ricky’s stores in New York City.

One Ricky’s manager described it as “a combination of Axe body spray, TAG and this YSL cologne I have.” So basically, unappealing but not burger-scented.

There’s no telling on whether or not they’ll be using this ad to launch the fragrance:

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