California Woman Drops A Deuce In The Middle Of The Street And Leaves It For The Neighbors

Either this woman from California really, really had to go #2 or she just pulled off the biggest power move in the history of Los Angeles Country: pooping in the middle of the sidewalk and grass and leaving it for the street cleaners to deal with and her neighbors to see. I’m thinking that this was strictly a power move, because she was like 15 feet from the bathroom inside that house and dropping a deuce in the middle of the street wasn’t necessary but she did it anyways. Maybe she lost an election for head of the local neighborhood watch and was taking a Cleveland Steamer on the administration? Or perhaps she’s just sick and tired of the neighbor’s dog dropping soupy poopy on her lawn. I DON’T KNOW WHY SHE DROPPED THOSE LOGS ON THE SIDEWALK. But she did, and here we are with some of the funniest (most alpha) photos in the history of Los Angeles County:

TheNanFang reports:

Public defecation is a straight-up fact of life in mainland China. It’s something you’ll see on roads, public places, subways, airplanes, and even elevators. It’s not common in the USA (yet), but it might be soon.
Monterey Park, California, is a Taiwanese community that has seen a number of arrivals from Mainland China recently. They argue that the new immigrants are changing the face of the community. This was encapsulated last Tuesday, when a local resident Mrs Fang and her husband suddenly spotted a middle-aged Asian woman with her pants down, squatting and defecating on someone’s lawn without any regard for public decency. There’s no confirmation the woman is from Mainland China, but the community is speculating about her origin based on her behavior.
Fang told her husband to turn the car around for a second look, and her suspicions were confirmed. The woman, wiping up, unblinkingly stared back at the disbelieving Fang, nonplussed and shameless about her behavior. As Fang took photographs, the woman continued with her business, only pausing to turn her head away from the camera.

For more pictures and information on the Los Angeles Street Pooper follow that link above to The Nan Fang!