I Can’t Stop Watching This Guy Fail At Eating 4 Canned Cheeseburgers And Then Super Glue His Hand To His Face

by 4 years ago

cheeseburger challenge

Honestly, the title says it all. Whoever edited the video (I’m assuming it’s the same guy) put in some nice calming background music while he’s going ham on four canned cheeseburgers, which makes this all the more bizarre because he’s gagging and spitting food out of his mouth. Oh, and as a cherry on top the penalty for not making it through all 4 burgers is super gluing his hand to his face. I almost feel guilty posting this because there’s a 99% chance the poor dude has some sort of learning disability, but it’s too weird not to watch.

Skip forward to 2:40 if you don’t want to listen to him talk.


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