Gruesome Story Of Cannibals Raping And Killing Woman, Then Eating And Serving Her To Guests At Party

A spectacularly ghastly real-life story that sounds like it is straight from American Horror Story has emerged from Russia. The details are not for the faint of heart and has graphic details of cannibals luring a woman, then raping her, killing her, chopping up her body, and finally cooking her and then serving her remains to guests at a party.

Kirill Nemykin and Sergey Metlyayev, from Novokuznetsk in Siberia, Russia, allegedly invited Nadezhda Avakumova to a sauna in 2014. The men got the 31-year-old woman incredibly drunk, then took turns having sex with her even though she was so impaired that “she did not realize what was happening.”

When she sobered up, she was angry that the men had raped her and told them she was going to the police to report the crime. That’s when the two men beat her up and then locked her in a cellar at one of the men’s homes. The woman began “banging, screaming and pleading for help.” When Nadezhda attempted to escape Nemykin grabbed a big knife and plunged a knife in her throat. She died almost instantly.

“Metlyayev got an axe and started cutting the body into pieces,” the prosecutor said. “He took her cut off leg and walked around the house showing it to everyone, laughing and smiling.”

“Women at the house were shocked despite being drunk,” the prosecutor continued. “Metlyayev started eating the human meat and offering it to everyone to try it. He was having fun and smiling.”

What the fuck? Is this ghoul a member of the Thenns from Game of Thrones?

The men chopped up her body and cooked her. The remains of the murdered woman were put in plastic bags and dumped them in bins at the end of the street (Way to really cover your tracks). The men returned to the party after disposing of the body.

The crime was only solved when a girlfriend of one of the cannibals informed authorities of the horrific murder.

So what do you think the punishment for rape, assault, murder, cannibalism is in Siberia? Apparently, you can commit all those heinous crimes and only go to jail for 12 years.

The two men recently pleaded guilty to murder and were sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Nemykin was ordered to pay 800,000 roubles roughly $13,000 USD as compensation to the mother of the victim.