Dude Survives Car Crash Only To Have Girlfriend And Side Chick Show Up At Hospital

by 11 months ago

This gentleman apparently was able to have a relationship with two different women but it all came crashing down. Not because he flushed too many used condoms down the toilet and clogged the pipes. Not because his girlfriend checked his phone and saw nudes from another chick. Not because he was caught cheating when he was spotted by a drone. This dude got caught cheating because he was in a car accident.

This dude was involved in a car crash and was so banged up that he was taken to the hospital. But his suffering was beginning.

His girlfriend rushed to the hospital to comfort her man.

But so did his side chick.

The two scorned women start attacking one another in the hospital room.

The man should slip the nurse a Ulysses S. Grant for saving his ass with the perfectly timed, “we’re going to have to call security.” Plus she followed that up with “his heartrate is going up guys.”

P.S. How do I get a hospital room with a 60-inch flatscreen?


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