Guy Gets Carjacked By Hooker With A BB Gun After Agreeing To Pay $10 For A Beej

A man in Ocala, Florida set out to pay for a simple beej, but ended up getting carjacked by a crazed hooker with a bb gun. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

After being interviewed by the police, the man admitted that he had solicited, Deyosha K. King, 23, for oral sex but after she got in the car he realized he didn’t have the cash to pay her. Somewhere in the process of letting her out of the car she pulled a BB gun on him, and after failing to disarm the hooker he was forced to bail from his own car, and she just took that whip and got to driving.

The Ocala Star Banner reports:

Deyosha K. King, 23, was arrested early Tuesday morning on charges of driving while her license is suspended or revoked, and robbery, carjacking, according to a Marion County Sheriff’s Office report.

A detective interviewed the man, who said he picked King up near his Ocala home to solicit her for sex. He said he agreed to pay her $10 for oral sex.

Realizing he did not have the money, the man said he decided against asking for sex act and, at that time, King asked him to drive to Northwest 55th Avenue. He said she pulled a gun from her purse and pointed it at him, demanding that he get out of the car.

The man said he tried to take the gun but could not and had to get out of the vehicle. The man ran to his friend’s home and called 911.

King said she picked up the gun, described as a BB gun, from the passenger’s side flood board, slid over the driver’s seat and drove away, the report states. She denied pointing the gun at the man. King said she drove to Sam’s Big Apple on West Silver Springs Boulevard, where she picked up a man and woman.

King has reportedly been arrested for grand theft auto before, so I can only begin to imagine what her defense in this case is going to be….’The devil made me do it!’

Given that Ocala is so close to Gainesville, and Gainesville is the home of the Florida Gators, I’m forced to assume that all parties involved are staunch supporters of both the Florida Gators AND jean shorts. It’s just logic.

To read the full account of the incident on the Ocala Star Banner, CLICK HERE.


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