Carmelo Anthony’s Wife La La Allegedly Cheated On Him With A Rapper

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There’s a chance that this is a complete troll, as there always is when it comes to rumors flying around the Internet (especially when they’re started in the comments section on Instagram), but on the other side of the coin it could be true. Who knows! It’s a motherfucking mystery of epic proportions and the only people who can solve it for us peasants living out here in the real world are Carmelo Anthony’s wife La La, Brooklyn rapper Maino and Maino’s baby mama.

According to Black Sports Online, Maino’s baby mama called out La La on Instagram earlier this week with the following tirade:



Note that she doesn’t directly call out Maino, but that’s who people have decided she’s talking about so WE’RE GONNA RUN WITH IT ANYWAY. Besides, it’s not like we know any better – might as well fling shit on the walls and guess wildly before this mess gets sorted out (if it gets sorted out). The following video of La La in a car is supposedly from a day where she went out with Maino:


That video is anything but damning if we’re being honest here, but like I said – LET’S ALL JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS WHOOOO!

And as for those of you who think “iluvpatricele” is just starting rumors for the sake of stirrin’ up drama, well, she “could care less.” FYI, it’s “couldn’t care less,” but whatever this is a conversation going down on Instagram, you can’t expect people to actually be literate when it’s a goddamn picture application.



[H/T Black Sports Online]

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