Guy Carries Grill 4.5 Miles Through Woods And Of Course It’s For A Romantic But Dumb Reason



We do some crazy things for love but this seems flat out dumb.

A young man notched a “first” in the Sawtooth Wilderness, a 217,000 acre federally-protected area known to many as the “crown jewel” of Idaho.

The man, under the influence of a much-desired woman, unashamedly dragged a full-size patio grill approximately 4.5 miles to a lake in the middle of the wilderness. He is, without a doubt, the first person to introduce the remote lake to one of man’s greatest inventions, the grill.

His intent? To prepare a romantic dinner for his girlfriend in an attempt to woo her into saying yes to his imminent proposal.

According to other hikers the grill master met along the way, the guy had “completed several water crossings, traversed multiple downed trees, and was preparing to tackle a number of steep inclines to finish his quest.”

They don’t sell mini-grills or allow campfires in his part of the country? Also, a grill? Any man can grill! It takes a real wiz to cook up a delicious meal over a campfire or a mini-burner. Now that takes some skill!

I’ll give the guy some cred though, she can never say he didn’t put out the effort.

[via Gear Junkie]