During Cat And Mouse Fight, This Fraidy-Cat Gets Manhandled And Is A Disgrace To Felines Everywhere

The pro-mouse media would have you believe that mice easily destroy cats when they engage in a quarrel. The biased media inundates you with pro-mouse propaganda such as Tom and Jerry and Itchy and Scratchy. The idea that a mouse could inflict pain on a cat is pure poppycock. In all likelihood, a cat will win 99.9 percent of the time. This pathetic scaredy-cat getting abused by a rat is the rare and unusual exception.

We have to travel all the way to China to find this bizarre anomaly. That is where a rat goes berserk on a cat. The cat is like 23 times the size of the rat, but he still gets nearly put to sleep by the mouse. This disappointment should have his cat card revoked.

How does this cat even look at himself in the mirror in the morning? You know all of his family disowned his disgraceful ass. He must get publicly shamed everywhere he goes. Hey fraidy-cat, hand over your nine lives because you’re wasting all of them.