Lawmaker Proposing A Massive Fine For Catcalling Women And It’s About Damn Time



I’d say catcalling is becoming an issue in the United States, but honestly, it’s always been an issue. It’s only getting attention now because of camera phones and videos of the creeps in the act.

It’s an even bigger issue in South American countries but they’re at least looking to do something about catcalling assholes.

“An Argentine congresswoman calling for “a profound cultural change” has introduced a bill to Congress that would make catcalling a punishable offense. The proposed legislation comes as lawmakers in some South American countries take steps to crack down on street sexual harassment and domestic abuse. Earlier this year, lawmakers in Peru passed a law calling for jail sentences of up to 12 years for men who sexually harass women in public places.

Under the proposed legislation, a judge would review and investigate a woman’s claim of sexual or verbal harassment. If the accused is found guilty, he could face a fine of up to 7,000 Argentine pesos, or $775 U.S. dollars at the official exchange rate.”

The bill was partially inspired by Aixa Rizzo, a 20-year-old Argentine woman who made the following YouTube clip describing the consistent harassment by a group of construction workers across the street from her house.

Eventually, the catcalls turned into threats of sexual violence. Rizzo called the cops and the workers started a chant, saying “If we organize, we’ll all get to fuck.”

Classy. Jerk offs. Hopefully this fine system makes it way to the US. I mean how would you guys feel about a woman randomly yelling vulgar things at you on the street? Ugh, nevermind.

[via Fusion]

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