In Bold Stance, Catholic Church Comes Out Against Autonomous Killer Robots

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I’m not usually laudatory of the Catholic Church, but I’ve got to hand it to them here. For an organization that typically moves at a glacial pace, they’re being pretty dang proactive here. I expected them to only issue a denouncement of killer robots after they realized droid soldiers didn’t get a salary and couldn’t tithe.

But nah. In 2015, before a single robot murder has occurred, they’ve issued a statement about autonomous killing machines.

Bad, says the Vatican. For once, I agree. They are bad.

Church leaders have spoken out against the use of ‘killer robots’ at United Nations (UN) talks about inhumane weapons. They join a growing number of people concerned about the use of fully autonomous weapons that can choose and engage targets without any human involvement

Tony D’Costa, The general secretary of the Irish section of the International Catholic peace movement Pax Christi, has warned killer robots could push humanity ‘further from an ethical and just society’.

D’Costa added: ‘Instead of killing, we should love and promote each other.’

Word. Concur. Whole-heartedly. Robots killing people will be bad for humans. Wow. Me and Catholicism on the same side.

Maybe this is the thing that will finally bring all people together?

Nah. Unless us all being dead counts as unity.

[Via Daily Mail]