Man Tired Of People Having Sex In Front Of His House Sets Up Security Cam, Captures Raunchy Footage (Possibly NSFW)

A man in Sacramento, California is getting the last laugh. After being tormented for years by strangers using the property adjacent to his as a makeshift hotel room, the man from Sacramento set up a closed circuit security camera (CCTV) and captured lots and lots of couples getting freaky as hell in the great outdoors.

The California man took to YouTube in order to get his message out and share his plight with the world. He began posting CCTV footage of the outrageous sex acts taking place next to his house, involving everything from missionary to butt stuff to mouth stuff, and everything in between.

The UK’s Sun took his videos and spliced them together into one clip, here’s a description of the action:

From a woman weeing in his garden, to a couple getting frisky in a car, to romping lovers on his DOORSTEP, this local resident has seen it all.
In attempt to deter the trysting trespassers, the man installed some surveillance cameras.
Sadly, it hasn’t stopped brazen exhibitionists from trying out the public sex hotspot.
In response, the angry resident has posted the raunchy footage to his YouTube channel, Caught on My CCTV Cameras.
He captioned a racy clip of a couple having sex in their car: “Once again people doing things in front of my house they won’t do in their own place.

This is a moderately NSFW clip so I want you bros to make sure you know what you’re clicking before you hit that play button: sex, people having sex in public.

[protected-iframe id=”51b41689328cf3d20c3f3c1f668f1631-97886205-92965040″ info=”” width=”650px” height=”360px”]

I can’t say that I’ve ever had the experience of complete strangers using my property as a place to drop trou and bump uglies. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been flush with cash and able to live in scenic areas, the kinds of properties where strangers drive past and think ‘man, I could totally lay some pipe with a chick bent over that tree stump’.

Or maybe I’m just a hard sleeper, and my entire town shows up in my front yard every night for hedonistic orgies with burning wax and sacrificial lambs, but since I sleep through just about anything I’m blissfully unaware that all of this is going on.

Whatever the case may be, this was an eye opener for me…I should really set up a CCTV camera outside of my house.

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