Memberships At This Luxury Gym In Vietnam Cost Up To $24,000 Per Year — Is It Worth It?

Centuryon is a luxury gym with 24 locations throughout Vietnam, and memberships to this gym start at $8,000/year and go up to $24,000/year, paid in full up front. Amenities at the Centuryon gym include lavish Italian quartz floors, a full UFC-style ‘Octagon’ training area, and some of the most luxurious locker rooms I’ve ever seen.

Don’t get me wrong here, if I was a multi-millionaire I’d probably have zero problem dropping tens of thousands of dollars on an annual gym membership. However, seeing as how money is pretty skinny for me these days I have to wonder ‘at what point is it worth spending $24,000/year on a gym membership’? Before you try and answer that question for yourself you should scroll on down and check out the photos of Vietnam’s ultra luxurious Centuryon gym, owned by California Management Group:

According to Business Insider, the VIP membership package includes a full ‘styling area’ as well as one-on-one yoga classes complete with pre and post-yoga tea sessions. The locker rooms/bathrooms are outfitted with actual gold features, the floors are imported Italian quartz, the chandeliers feature black crystal, and guests are offered free poolside massages.

Again, I love luxury as much as the next person but I have to wonder ‘how much is too much?’ Is it ever worth spending $24,000 a year on a gym membership?

I just cannot fathom ever spending that much on a gym, but that’s probably because I only go to the gym about three to four days a week, and I primarily use it for cardio and lifting. The last thing on my mind at the gym is getting a poolside massage, so I guess I’m not even sure who the ‘target audience’ for an ultra luxury gym like this is.

For more information on the Centuryon (and more photos) you can follow that link and head on over to their website!

[h/t Business Insider]