This 4-Pound Taco Challenge Is Such A Beast That Only 5 People Have Finished It In The Last 18 Years

Bros, meet the All-Mighty Chacho’s Taco Challenge. All-Mighty Chacho’s Taco Challenge, meet the Bros.

Now that we’ve all become acquainted, the All-Mighty Chacho’s Taco Challenge is offered at Chachos Tacos in Corpus Christi, TX and is apparently one brutal motherfucker of a food challenge. The All-Mighty Chacho’s Taco Challenge is so hard, in fact, that only FIVE people in the last 18 years have finished the 4-pound taco in the 10-minute allotted time period.

What happens if you do happen to finish the All-Mighty Chacho’s Taco Challenge? As they say, to the victor goes the spoils. And those spoils are a t-shirt, your spot in the Chacho’s Tacos hall of fame, the $9.99 taco for free, and the gnarliest bowel movement of your life. So yeah, you might say eating 4-pounds of taco in 10 minutes is totally fucking worth it.

[H/T My San Antonio]