This Chainsaw Prank Is SO MEAN, Yet So Freaking Hilarious

by 3 years ago
chainsaw prank


I fully expect this chainsaw prank to happen to a whole bunch of people now because it’s actually pretty ingenious.

According to the person who posted it to LiveLeak, here’s how it went down…

Tom and his friend Marius were travelling from the Norwegian city of Steinkjer on July 19, with their final destination being Sweden, according to Dagbladet. On the way, they stopped at the roadside for a rest, but Tom had a prank in mind for his unfortunate friend. As Marius dozed, Tom powered up his chainsaw and pressed it against his friend’s neck, terrifying Marius out of his slumber. Luckily, there was no blade in the chainsaw!

Terrifying? Bro’s definitely going to need a new pair of underpants.

Let’s watch again and again, shall we? So funny…


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