MASSIVE Fists-Flying, Chair-Throwing Brawl Erupts In Mexican Restaurant Because Of… Salsa

Isael Rojas posted a video on Facebook that featured a chair-throwing, fist-flying, hair-pulling brawl that has gone viral. The nasty fight happened at El Paisano Mexican Restaurant near Dallas at 2:30 a.m. on Saturday. The video has been viewed over 1.7 million times. So what started this epic brouhaha? Someone hit on someone’s girlfriend? Nope. Someone scuffed up someone’s Jordans? Nope.


The violent free-for-all started because of salsa.

One person described what caused the enormous brawl:

This is what happens when Paisanos charges you $5 for chips & Salsa and when they bring out the salsa they give you the red sauce instead of the green sauce!

Fuck. I gotta taste this green sauce that causes a wild, all-out melee.

What might be the best part of this video is all the hardos slipping on the salsa on the floor when trying to throw chairs.

I’m going to be real. I’m really upset about this video. Not because of all the people who got injured because of a stupid, unnecessary fight. But I’m thinking about all of those delicious tacos that got wasted.