Charlie Sheen Reveals The Cheap Wedding Gift Donald Trump Gave Him


Charlie Sheen has a very strange relationship with Donald Trump. First, he expressed his honor in the possibility of being Trump’s running mate, even trying to get the #TrumpSheen hashtag trending. Then, just a few months later, Sheen went on the record saying the Donald is “a sad & silly homunculus” and “a shame pile of idiocy,” jumping on the #AnyoneButTrump train. I think it’s safe to say that Trump banged Sheen and then ignored Sheen’s texts for a second go around. Hmm, I wonder why Charlie.

Sheen went on The Graham Norton Show Friday night and told a hilarious story about how the billionaire gave him a wedding gift that you could purchase at a kiosk in a mall

“I’m really not a fan,” Sheen said of Trump, who spoke to him at a dinner around five years ago. “He says ‘these are platinum diamond Harry Winston’ and he pulls off his cufflinks and he gives them to me.” Six months later, Sheen asked a jeweler appraising jewelry at his home to take a look at the ’links. “She took the loupe, spent about four seconds, and kind of recoiled from it — much like people do from Trump — and says ‘in their finest moment, this is cheap pewter and bad zirconias,’” said Sheen, who dismissed the real estate mogul as a “charlatan.” “And they’re stamped ‘Trump.’ And I just thought, ‘what does this really say about the man, that he said, ‘here’s a great wedding gift,’ and it’s just a bag of dog shit?” (via)

I wasn’t a Trump fan before hearing this story. Now, I’m moving to Canada if he doesn’t get voted into office. These are the types of power moves that this country deserves. “Oh hey, here’s a gift for a wedding that I wasn’t invited to. It’s the most precious stone man has ever known.”

*leaves table*

Melania: Honey, was that really the most precious stone on the planet?

Donald: Nope. It’s the second. Behind the rock that’s going to be inside you later.

*high fives stranger*

Donald: Gimme kiss.


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