A Texas Chick Was Arrested With A Loaded Gun In Her Vagina And Meth In Her Purse, Is Clearly Winning At Life

There are a lot of places to hide a handgun, but a chick’s pink taco isn’t one that often comes to mind—especially since it’s not really that accessible should a shoot out take place.

No matter, a lady named Ashley Cecilia Castaneda was arrested with a dude named Gabriel Garcia during a late-night traffic stop just outside Waco, Tx., with Castaneda admitting to cops that she actually had the gun hidden up her coochy coo.

While that’s fucked up, cops found 2.7 grams of meth under the driver’s seat and another 29.9 grams of the same shit in a purse, so, clearly, these two were doing some shit they weren’t supposed to be doing.

According to KWTX:

“Officers immediately stopped and a female officer searched Castaneda discovering she had in fact placed a loaded Smith and Wesson pistol inside her body cavity. The weapon had a round chambered and a full magazine of bullets,” Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said.

Sure, chicks shove shiny, long, hard devices up their vaginas all the time—they just don’t happen to be loaded with things that could kill another person. Just to get an idea of what Castaneda was packing, here’s a pic of the, since cleaned off, gun.



Swanton added, “We don’t see those too much,” after the discovery. Wonder if he was referring to finding a crazy lady with a gun up her vagina or that specific model of gun?