This Millennial Chick Is Being Called ‘The Worst Airline Passenger Ever’ After This Head-Shaking Act Went Viral

Boston Globe columnist Dante Ramos was flying from Houston to Boston after a weekend in New Orleans when a millennial chick plopped her entitled ponytail over the screen in front of his buddy, Ryan.

Now of course this isn’t the most malicious thing one can do on a plane. I mean, she could have strapped on a fake suicide vest like this jerkoff. Or she could have taken off her shoes and clipped her toenails. Or been obese. Or a terrorist.

But the reason why this offense–which is seemingly petty–is so infuriating is because the menial benefit she received from flipping her hair over her seat exceeds the respect she has for the dude behind her. Like how did making a pony tail wall improve her life so much that she was okay with ruining someone’s in-flight entertainment experience?? That would be like taking a dump in the bathroom and smearing it on the toilet seat. I guess some chicks just want to watch the world burn.

Ramos tweeted the photo out and it went viral, amassing 8,000 retweets and thousands of comments–most of which were instructions on how to even the score.

plane 4


plane 2

plane 3

plane 5

I guess it could always be worse.