Total Bro Had The Balls To Take A Frickin’ Selfie With The Man Who Hijacked An EgyptAir Flight This Morning

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WhatsApp -- DailyMail

This morning, an EgyptAir flight from Alexandra to Cairo was diverted to Cyprus after a man purporting to have a bomb hijacked the plane.

The man, Seif El Din Mustafa, reportedly wanted to deliver a letter to his ex-wife, who lived in Cyprus.

The plane landed at Lanarca Airport in Cyprus, and after negotiations, all 62 passengers were released, and Mustafa was apprehended.

The explosive belt he wore turned out to be fake.

During the standoff however, one total Bro snapped a selfie with the hijacker and sent it to his buddies on WhatsApp.

“You know your boy doesn’t fuck about. Turn on the news lad!!!” Ben Innes, 26, wrote, and added this picture.


‘I find it pretty mental but that’s just Ben I guess!’ his roommate who received the text told the Daily Mail.

Pretty mental indeed.

Mustafa originally released all the women, children, and Egyptians from the plane before eventually letting all the hostages go. Innes was one of the last three off the plane before Mustafa surrendered.

It’s unclear if at the time of the selfie Innes knew the bomb was fake.

[Via The Daily Mail]

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