Some Chick Decided The Best Way To Avoid The Warrant Out For Her Arrest Was To Protest Trump In Front of 5,000 Cops

I’ve never had a warrant out for my arrest, but if I did, I think I definitely wouldn’t be chilling around cops. Or maybe I would. The closer you are to danger, the further you are from harm. It’s like when people toke a little herb next to a police car. Balls of steel. It almost gives the cop the illusion that there’s no way that you’re actually smoking weed right next to him, allowing you to make a quick getaway.

I’m assuming that’s the rhetoric that Kathy Wray Coleman was working with when she decided to ignore the fact that she had an outstanding felony warrant and go stand in front of 5,000 cops to protest Donald Trump.

Via Daily Mail:

“Kathy Wray Coleman instead was picked up on an outstanding felony warrant, an officer told Daily Mail Online. The arrest emphasized the scale of law enforcement activity in the city, where more than 5,000 officers have been deployed to keep order. Public records suggest that the felony Coleman was wanted on involved almost hitting police officers with her car while allegedly fleeing from them.

Coleman, a self-described community activist was reported to have been wanted on a felony warrant since May 2015 over an incident in a suburb of Cleveland. She is wanted over an accusation that she almost struck officers in her car fleeing from a house where they had been called to deal with an open door.

Newsnet5 Cleveland reported that she was alleged to have been at home in University Heights, a suburb of Cleveland when police were called. Police allege that she ran to her Chevy Monte Carlo which was in the driveway, and as she drove from the scene almost struck the cops. She said that she was in fear of her life, had been ‘harassed at gunpoint by five white University Heights policemen’ and had had a racial slur used against her. The house appears to have been at the center of a dispute over her residence there. It was Coleman’s home in September 2013 when it caught fire due to food left unattended on a stove.”

That’s literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. “A self-subscribed community activist” aka she tells other people that she is one. You can’t give yourself a nickname or community tags. “Yeah, I’m TJ, but people call me Jesus Jr.” I mean, she almost hit a cop and then went to see them. They literally probably had her face plastered in every police station in Cleveland. It’s not like she robbed a bank while wearing a mask. She nearly killed a cop with her car outside her own house. She’s like Public Enemy #1 for the Cleveland PD. But the chick has a passion and wanted to voice her opinion. It is America, after all. If you gotta go to jail, may as well do so doing something you believe in.