Would You Date This Chick Who Went Full Lena Dunham On A Peet’s Coffee Employee With Crazy Rant?

The above video was filmed in July 2016 at a Peet’s Coffee Shop in Chicago. It has been put on the world wide webs recently after its believed that the girl going bananas in this video is the same one who went ballistic in a viral rant on Michael’s Craft store employees on Sunday. She’s most likely single.


The scariest part about this for men in the Greater Chicago area and beyond is that this girl is pretty Tinder-swipable. Sure, not draft pick status but at the very least attractive enough to feel pretty good about her possibly being attracted to you. And if she’s says the right things, gives you the right amount of intrigue, and you’re pipeline is empty, you may just end up in public with a girl like this. Can you imagine the horror. I’d be so fucking mortified I’d splash scolding hot coffee in my face to momentarily feel a different kind of pain. I’m not saying I wish bad luck on this chick, but I have no vested interest in what happens in the rest of her life.

Oh, I just remembered she makes $90,000 a year. Which is obviously bullshit because only poor people drink Peet’s Coffee.

[h/t Death and Taxes]