The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year: Worst Girl Ever Screams For 10 Minutes Straight At A Michael’s Craft Store Manager

by 1 year ago

Nothing like the holidays, huh!? In today’s “scenes from from retail shopping hell”, the world’s most insufferable, angry basic girl ever is captured screaming for over 10 minutes at a Michael’s Craft store manager in Chicago. She claims she was discriminated against and then causes a scene like a child throwing a temper tantrum and going full racist, complete with a “I VOTED FOR TRUMP!!!!” (news flash: No one cares) in the middle of it.

Apparently this all started from when they asked her to buy large shopping bag.

Just think about the poor guy who is either (a. dating and/or marrying this girl or (b. going to date and/or marry this girl in the future. Sometimes the cautionary tales write themselves!

Aren’t the holidays such a *magical* time of the year?



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