Look. At This God Damn. CHICKEN MCGRIDDLE. McDonald’s. Is Now Selling.

Please pause for a moment while I make sex noises of varying length and volume.




Nagggaahhhhna, we are all indeed moaning at this news. It’s McDonald’s Chicken McGriddle sandwich, which combines the deliciousness of a McDonald’s chicken biscuit, slapped on two syrupy pancakes.


Right now they are only in Ohio, reports the Columbus Business Journal:

The next addition to the McDonald’s menu may be getting its start right here in Central Ohio.

Eleven area McDonald’s are testing the Chicken McGriddle, which pairs a fried chicken patty with the maple syrup-infused pancake buns used in McGriddle breakfast sandwiches.

It’s the brainchild of a franchise owner, who says McDonald’s best ideas have come out of personal ingenuity.

This isn’t some corporate-mandated rollout. Versions of the product have been tested in other markets before, but this take was devised by Brian Mortellaro, who owns eight local McDonald’s, and a small group of taste-testers including other operators.

“Filet-o-fish, Big Mac – both of those started with owner-operators,” Mortellaro told me. “We took this idea up the chain and they’re letting us try it out.”

Sales won’t be the most important factor in determining whether the product stays or goes since the test won’t be supported with advertising, Mortellaro said. The biggest influence will be customer surveys. If customers respond favorably to the taste and say they would purchase again, the product could get a larger test run around Central Ohio this year.

There’s no way McDonald’s can put this genie back in the bottle. Look at this sexy mother fucker.

Oh, it’s coming everywhere. I promise (I hope).

[Via First We Feast]