Grandma Gets Too Close To Chimpanzee Enclosure At The Zoo, Gets Hit With Nastiness

Poor grandma. She didn’t do anything to deserve that. Sure, she’s old as shit I bet she did a few questionable things in her life that might deserve judgment from the maker. But they maker is not a chimpanzee.

A chimpanzee’s place in this world is in the wild. Chimpanzees are native to equatorial Africa. Found across places like Uganda, the Congo River, and Tanzania. They were never meant to live out their days inside of zoos. Unfortunately for grandma, this chimp’s anger about living life in a cage of glass manifested itself in the form of a nasty ol’ shit rocket. She took one on the chin, and that’s something I’d never wish upon my worst enemies.

You always hear these stories of chimpanzees and other monkeys throwing shit at the zoo but I’ve never seen it in person until now. True story time, when my grandmother was a child she was the youngest of 5 and her parents had two pet chimpanzees in upstate New York. When they’d entertain guests they’d actually make my grandmother sit at the children’s table with the two chimps, and the chimpanzees would steal her dresses and wear them to dinner. I swear, this is real, you can’t make shit up like this. Anyways, she’d tell me that the only misbehavior she ever saw from the chimps was the stealing of her dresses and the occasional breaking of a plate. But never any doodoo feces tossing. So when I’d hear about primates throwing shit at the zoo I kind of always thought it was bullshit, until now.

Poor grandma.

(H/T r/videos)