Shitter’s Full! These Lucky Chinese People Got Showered In Human Feces When A Septic Tank Exploded In Hechi City

Nothing warms the heart this time of year quite like a good old fashioned story about other people getting covered — I mean, just DOUSED — in human excrement. That’s what happened to several innocent shoppers in Hechi, China. They were going about their day, shopping for goods, and then BOOM!! they were caked in shit.

That isn’t an exaggeration, either. Look at these poor, shit-soaked-people.



According to Daily Mail:

Eyewitness Dong Tang told local television: ‘I noticed some people gathered in the street and thought there had been a car accident.

‘I wasn’t really paying attention, but then the smell hit me. It was disgusting.

‘Then I realised that a tank filled with some disgusting brown liquid had exploded, scattering it all over the street and the people who were shopping or walking past.’At one of the shops, just about every item on display was covered in brown liquid. The shopkeeper was highly agitated.

‘He complained that everything was ruined and said he needed to shut the business for a week to clean up the mess.’



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