Chinese Wal-Mart Tried to Replace Missing Donkey Meat With Fox Flesh

It's a fucked place, with stories like this and this and this.

And now comes another delightful story from China that is a delicious as it sounds. Via Salon

An irate customer is trying to get a Wal-Mart in Jinan City, Shandong Province to compensate him to the tune of 1,600 packages of donkey meat after tests confirmed that it contained fox flesh, the Shanghai Daily reports.

The man claims he identified the mislabeling after noticing that the meat “tasted strange.” The Wal-mart suspects an extortion attempt — the 1,600 packages is a lot of meat for one person, after all, even if it is a regional delicacy. The donkey meat producer is also denying any wrongdoing.

So we've got ourselves an old-fashioned Chinese standoff: 

This is how arguments are resolved in China, correct?

The customer is upset about the bait-and-switch because apparently fox meat is gross and can kill people. I would have thought the same of donkey meat, but you just learn something new every day. Oh and fox flesh is a cheap subsitute because no one wants it yet tons of foxes are killed to make fur jackets each year.