The Chinese Won’t Stop Killing Themselves Over The World Cup

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China’s been having a pretty shitty month. First we get the story about a Chinese guy getting his dick stuck in a pipe for two days straight, then we get the guy who died from watching the World Cup because he stayed awake for three days, and now we have this jabroni who lost so much money betting on the World Cup that he killed himself.

“The second-year student, identified only by his surname Lin, jumped from the seventh floor of a building on his campus on Monday, the Information Times said, citing a witness. ‘I heard him say ‘do not force me’ and ‘give me two more days and I’ll return you the money’,” the report quoted the witness as saying… Another student described as a classmate of Lin’s said the gambler had lost nearly 20,000 yuan ($3,200) in bets on several World Cup games, it said. ‘We heard that he borrowed quite a lot of money and the interest rate was rather high,’ said the student, according to the report.”

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It’s sad, I’ll give you that. But at what point did this kid think to himself “Hmm. I don’t have enough money to bet on the World Cup anymore. Better keep betting!” Has he never seen Rounders? Matt Damon gets the SHIT beat outta him before he wins any money. Lesson to everyone, quit while you’re ahead.

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