Chipotle Changed One Of Its Most Popular Ingredients And Naturally This Backfired, People Are Now Livid


Ken Wolter -- Shutterstock

At this point Chipotle execs have to be on the verge of just calling it quits and shuttering the business, because no matter what they do something bad or unfortunate happens. After what seemed like a never ending rash of E.coli breakouts at Chipotle locations throughout the nation the company made the decision to make their food safer by switching up one of their most popular items.

Instead of cooking steak onsite Chipotle now serves steak that is pre-cooked at an off-site location using low temperatures to prevent any meat contamination. The steak is then sent to Chipotle locations where’s it’s marinated and seasoned before being served to customers. You’d think that this would be a good move for all parties involved because it means safer food, but customers are ready to burn it all down, claiming that the new steak is about as delicious as Satan’s butthole after 36-holes of golf in the South Florida humidity.

Before we get to the customer responses towards the new steak here’s what Chipotle has to say, via

“If there is any difference, it’s that the steak may be more tender than it was before,” Chipotle spokesperson Chris Arnold told Business Insider. “The response has been great. Customers really seem to like it.”
Some customers, however, disagree.
“Ever since the e. coli scare that Chipotle went through months ago, the taste of their food was rather… bland,” a Reddit post titled ‘What happened to the taste?’ recently stated. “Once I realized this… I stopped going to Chipotle and looked for other venues of fast food.”

Here’s what customers on Twitter have to say about Chipotle’s new steak:

There are some positive responses to the new steak, without counting I’d say there are about as many positive responses to the new steak as there are negative ones, but after months (years?) of hemorrhaging customers can Chipotle really afford to lose any at all? Methinks no…

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