Chipotle Is Giving Away Booze During ‘Happy Hour’ But The Real Joy Comes From Not Getting Deathly Ill

Chipotle wants us all to come back. They REALLY want us to come back. They’re trying everything like burgers and even free drugs. Nothing is working.

Free booze is the next logical step.

Chipotle, which has served margaritas and/or beer at 1,700 of its locations for quite some time, is hoping to become the next happy hour (or happy four hour) hot spot for those over 21.

The company recently began offering the boozy deals everyday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at 300 locations in Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

The promotions are different for different states, explains The Consumerist.

For example, stores in Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, and Wisconsin offering “get two margaritas or beers for the price of one,” while Kansas and Ohio have a “get half off ‘adult’ beverages” deal.

And the catch? Limit one drink per customer, per day.

Next up, probably a lawsuit from the guys who basically invented the Chipotle happy hour.

[via The Consumerist]