This Woman Tried To Eat A Brown Mark On Her Arm Because She Thought It Was Chocolate Except JUST KIDDING It’s Cancer

This is what we’ve evolved into folks, slobs who happen to eat chocolate so frequently that when a new brown spot pops up on our bodies instead of thinking “Oh look, a mole,” we think “Mmmmm CHOCOLATE.” That doesn’t apply to me or anyone here at BroBible, of course, because we are goddamn perfect fucking human beings. Natasha Mash, on the other hand, is one of the chocolate-gobbling idiots.

‘Never did I think something so small or seemingly insignificant could have such a big effect.
‘One day I saw this big mark on my arm. I thought it was chocolate and tried to wipe it off.
‘Then I realised that it was a mole I had always had that had changed dramatically.

Via Daily Mail

I dunno about you guys, but after 21 years on this earth in the same body I know exactly where every little brown spot on my body is, in which case the first thought that comes to mind shouldn’t be “Tasty!” it should be “Where the fuck did that come from.” For fuck’s sakes, the mole in question is on her UPPER ARM:


Most people get chocolate smears on their fingers and maybe their forearms if they’re messy little shitgoblins, so how in the hell do you get it up THERE?? Unless you like to eat with the upper half of your arm shoved into your face it doesn’t make any sense. Goddammit Natasha, learn to eat properly and not like a fucking monkey.

At first, Natasha Mash, 26, tried to wipe off the brown spot, believing it was the remnants of a chocolate bar she had been eating.
But concerned when it didn’t go away, she visited a doctor, who reassured her it was nothing to worry about.

Via Daily Mail

But then a couple months later she saw yet another doctor, who diagnosed it as melanoma and was all like “Haha oh wait that’s definitely cancer lawlzroflcopter.” Natasha had three operations to completely remove the mole and she now travels around warning people that brown smudges on their skin aren’t necessarily edible little bites of delicious chocolate and can possibly be non-edible cancer.

Natasha was supported by the Teenage Cancer Trust who put her in touch with other young people who have also had the same type of cancer.

But she is determined not to wallow, wants to share her experience to help make other young people aware of the risks.

In all seriousness, kudos to Natasha for beating cancer and being willing to share her story with others…but chocolate?? Really? Fucking hell.

[H/T Daily Mail, header image via Shutterstock]