‘Church’ Loses Its Tax-Exempt Status After Being Outed As Nightclub Throwing Naked Paint Parties

A ‘church’ in Panama City Beach, Florida has lost its tax-exempt status after authorities discovered it to be nothing more than a nightclub throwing naked paint parties and spring break ragers.

Local authorities began to take notice of the ‘church’ known as The Life Center when it began promoting itself as ‘Amnesia: The Tabernacle’. Under the name ‘Amnesia’ the church released a 27/7 party schedule, put an ATM out front of the building for partygoers, hung an ‘iDrink’ banner outside, started throwing naked paint parties, and began releasing ridiculous videos such as the one above on their vimeo channel.

Panama City’s News Herald has the report:

A local church that has been hosting naked paint parties and slumber-party Sundays with the “sexiest ladies on the beach” will now have to pay taxes on the property as officers investigate the church’s practices, authorities said Tuesday.

The Life Center: A Spiritual Community, 9721 Thomas Drive, has been up and running its seven-days-a-week party schedule as Amesia: The Tabernacle since Feb. 28. But The Tabernacle, which caters to college students on vacation, has caught the attention of more than just party-seeking spring breakers.

Since ATMs and a banner promoting “iDrink” appeared out front of The Life Center, the Bay County Sheriff’s Office and Panama City Beach Police Department investigators have began taking a closer look at the church. Owned by Markus Q. Bishop, former pastor of Faith Christian Family Church, officials said the club has been engaging in activities unbefitting of a church.

A sign on the front of The Tabernacle stated the events are alcohol and drug free and donations go back to the church. Promoters said it is a church by day and youth ministry by night.

Since a Facebook post from BCSO questioned the integrity of the club, highlighting that the club often hosts adult entertainment, Club Amnesia has shut down its website. However, when the website was available, it boasted a Sunday night event called “Slumber,” a pajama and lingerie party hosted by “the sexiest ladies on the beach.” Raves take place weekly along with an “Anything But Clothes” paint party. And Wednesday nights are reserved for an event called “Wet n Wild,” a water-themed event where “white water meets Tabernacle PCB with a little twerkin’,” the website stated.

Blah blah blah…Did I miss the naked sex parties or will they still be happening? I only took interest in this story due to the ‘sexiest ladies on the beach’ slumber parties and ‘naked paint parties’, so I really need to know whether or not they’ll continue happening in the future?

For more videos from the church turned sexy nightclub you can check out their vimeo channel HERE.

[VICE via News Herald]