Clown Smashing Pie Into Lady’s Face While On An Escalator Is So Mean, But I Can’t Stop Laughing

This is not sophisticated humor. This is basic slapstick humor that has been around for 100 years since Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy were pieing people in the early 1900’s. However adding a clown and an escalator to this remarkable gag really does improve the bit.

This fantastic prank comes to us via Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão, which is a television network in Brazil if you couldn’t figure that out. The prank is so perfect, not only because it’s a goofy clown smashing pies in the face of unsuspecting people, but that it happens on an escalator so it makes it extremely difficult for the victim to pursue the pie guy.

Instead of this woman being appreciative that someone hand-delivered a delicious pie right to her mouth, she actually gets quite angry. While unsuccessfully attempting to run down the up escalator she gets quite the workout. The clown calmly descends and then throws another pie at her when he gets to the bottom. She even throws her own purse at the man. Who does that?

They’ve pulled this messy stunt before with hilarious success. Goddamn you could never pull this funny shit in the United States because you would get your ass sued off or get shot.