This CNN Reporter Just Got Trolled HARD Via Twitter By This Comedian With A Fake Tip On An Ebola Story

You know what sucks? Getting Ebola. You know what doesn’t suck? NOT getting Ebola and then fucking with reporters who are trying to cover an Ebola-tastic story, which is exactly what Twitter user @SouthsideVic (now suspended, because Twitter has no sense of humor apparently) did. The tweet that kicked everything off came from NBC5’s Scott Gordon, stating that Eric Duncan was officially the first person in the United States to have contracted Ebola (and later died, unfortunately).


Vic retweeted Scott Gordon along with the claim that his ex-girlfriend’s uncle was Eric Duncan. Two hours later, CNN’s Michelle Richmond decided, y’know, why not? Maybe this guy’s legit? And so she contacted Vic for more information.

Via Death and Taxes:

So of course, Vic saved the DM conversation between himself and Michelle…

Lucky for Michelle, he managed to contact his “ex.”

I’m actually pretty impressed that Michelle even bothered to respond after “You know how these hoes be Michelle but ayy go check out my mixtape.” That’s some journalistic perseverance right there.

[H/T Death and Taxes]
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