Self-Professed ‘Cocaine Expert’ Carrie Fisher Of ‘Star Wars’ Had The Hottest Of Takes Regarding Donald Trump’s Sniffing


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After blaming the “bad microphone” at the first Presidential debate for all of his incessant sniffing, Donald Trump was back at it again, even more so, during the second debate on Sunday, sniffing up a storm.

Something that once again did not go unnoticed by folks on Twitter. In fact, Trump’s sniffing naturally now has it’s very own Twitter account…

So what, REALLY, is the cause of all of this Trump sniffing?

The totally-not-crazy Pat Robertson says that it can be attributed to the Holy Spirit, of course…

Seems totally plausible, however, Carrie Fisher, aka Princess Leia, who did so much booger sugar back in the day people thought she had a “coke nail” during The Empire Strikes Back, something she hilariously dismissed…

…had a slightly different take on all the sniffing.

Of course, she may have been a little biased, but there’s no doubt she knows the topic well. Here are a couple more of her thoughts on the debate…

Just for fun someone compiled all of Trump’s sniffs from debate number two.

Can’t wait for the final debate when Trump actually sucks Hillary directly into his nasal cavity.

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