After Kaepernick’s Anthem Protest, The 49ers Announce They Are Donating $1 Million To Social Causes

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A couple weeks ago, Colin Kaepernick created a major media maelstrom when he performed the very inoffensive yet very visible act of sitting down for the national anthem to protest social injustice.

Dear Lord it worked people into a fucking tizzy. How dare he disrespect the anthem? He’s an entitled whiny cry baby. The real issue is blah blah fart.

All Kaep did was say, “Hey, I want things in this country to be better for everyone,” and people started shitting in their hands and flinging it everywhere.

Protests obviously can’t solve everything, but they are good starting points for national discussions (as insipid as parts of this one was) that eventually can lead to change.

Today, in response, the 49ers said they were going to donate a million bucks to social causes in the Bay Area.

One man did something that harmed no one and now the world is better and, yes, somewhere, someone who hated Colin Kaepernick’s protest is working themselves into a froth trying to figure out how this is awful.

They will be wrong and that is all.