This College Chick Has Never Orgasmed Despite Three Years Of Trying And A Closet Full Of Sex Toys


File this story under ‘Tragedy’ bros.

Imagine the process of baking a cake. The fun preparation, greasing the pan, whisking the eggs with the flour, maybe sneaking a few spoonfuls of frosting. Great fun. Then you throw the cake in the oven and eagerly wait 35 minutes for it to be baked to perfection. You grab some oven mitts and take it out, the aroma overwhelming your senses. You lay it on the counter and go grab a knife. When you turn around, your cat is squatting over the pan and taking a big old steamy cat shit all over it, deeming it inedible. All that fun but arduous preparation for zero payoff.

That’s what 20-year-old British college student Megan Ward goes through every time she tries to have an orgasm. And she’s been trying for three years, collecting over ten different kinds of vibrators.

Ward suffers from anorgasmia, a condition that fosters the persistent inability to achieve orgasm despite responding to sexual stimulation. Close to 5 percent of women suffer from varying degrees of the condition.

According to Mirror, Megan wrote an article about her consistent failure to climax for her college newspaper, The Tab.

She writes:

“I now own 10 different kinds of vibrators, among many other sex toys which would make your grandma’s eyes bleed.

While I love them all in the same way most people love their pets – and admittedly the Magic Wand has changed my life – they still don’t produce the Big O from me.

My vagina, she tries, bless her, but it’s just not something she can do.”

Megan said that she’s received mostly positive reinforcement since the article went public, less a few private messages from creepers propositioning her. She has declined them all, as she currently has a boyfriend–who must be super-confident in his pecker’s abilities.

Hey Meg, if you’re looking for a silver lining, at least you’ve never had to reveal your O face. They can be less than attractive for some of us.

[h/t Mirror]

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