Comedian Jim Norton Struggles To Not Poop His Pants While Shopping, Container Store’s Twitter Comes To The Rescue!

Nothing is more terrifying than being out in public when your stomach starts to rumble. Not a hunger grumble, but rather a “I went out drinking with my Uncle Paul and my friends Lamar and Ramone and drank an entire handle of Tito’s Vodka last night and thought it was a great idea to eat six jalapeno sliders and four fish with cheese sliders from White Castle at 3 a.m.” tummy rumbles. You know you have a mere minutes, maybe even seconds until the levee in your rectum can not contain the liquidy shit that is ready to explode out of your anus and down your leg if you don’t find a lavatory in the very near future. You panic. You need a bathroom more than oxygen at this very moment. Jim Norton understands the emergency to evacuate all that butt mud from his bowels.

Jim Norton, the accomplished and hilarious comedian, encounters one of these scenarios where his body seemingly betrays him. He was shopping at the Container Store when nature called, and announced that he had to make caca to the entire world on his Twitter because why the fuck not. Luckily for Mr. Norton, the Container Store’s Twitter was there to give a helping hand during Jim’s time of need.

Here is the weathertight tote that the Container Store recommended Norton to take a dump in.

Have to appreciate a company that encourages their customers to spew fudge nuggets in their product while shopping in their store.

The social media manager for the Container Store even impressed the comedian with questionable sphincter control.

That shit cracked me up. Tss.


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