Comments of the Week: One BroBible Reader Has Mad Zingers About Afroman’s Career

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Another week in the books, Bros. That means we’re back for another edition of BroBible’s Comments of the Week. We’re working our balls off to get prizes rolling for comments of the week since we appreciate all the thought and sassy everyone is putting into their hot takes in the comment section, so stay tuned to when we finally can make something like that happen. We should have some new BroBible t-shirts, koozies, and other BroBible schwag here soon, but I want it to be something much, much cooler.

Here are the comments that got our attention this week. Snoop_Doug, this was an open court layup.

Thanks for commenting!

Drake Releases Brand New Album, ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’ by Justin K

Drake is the Taylor Swift of rap


14-Year-Old Mo’ne Davis Punks Kevin Hart With Nasty Spin Move At Celebrity All-Star Game by DJ_Mirage

That was the funniest thing Kevin Hart has been a part of in the last 2 years


Mia Khalifa May Have Just Topped Her Previous Hottest Instagram Picture by vctheking21

Wait… so you’re saying there is a place I could see her naked AND  it’s free?? Where in the hell would I do something so glorious?!


WATCH: U.S. Soldier Survives Shot To Helmet During Firefight With Taliban by da_boat_mane

As a person in the service , Mike0 , you are a prick. Those guys are fighting for who they are next to in the line of fire. I wish you had the opportunity to tell the Man who got shot in the head all you just posted. I love this website and you just being on it makes me mad. Go some where else.


A (Kinda Hot?) Crazy Christian Mom Has An Amazing Theory About How The Dinosaurs Were Not Real by Metal McGinnis

Crazies are good lays…just saying


A (Kinda Hot?) Crazy Christian Mom Has An Amazing Theory About How The Dinosaurs Were Not Real by Billy_Clydesdale

Yeah, I’d give her the business. Did you see that polka-dotted rack she had on her? It just wouldn’t quit! I’d for sure rustle the sheets with her, but I’d also use a fake name, and I’d probably book a hotel room for the comsumation. You don’t want a chick like that knowing your home address, or even your zip code.


CM Punk Gets Training Offer From Former UFC Champ And Holy Crap You’ll Never Guess Who by DJ_Mirage

Good for him, I never really liked him, but WWE treated him like garbage. Brock Lesner is a beast, great fighter. If it wasn’t for his gut health issue Brock would be having some good fights right now. Hopefully he can help CM Punk bc the UFC could use some fresh talent.


Girl Tries Infamous ‘Grapefruit Blowjob Technique’ For Valentine’s Day, Things Turn Sour Quickly by Justin K

I found a new texting ringtone


Black Wolves Enforcer Uppercuts The Living Shit Out Of Rochester Forward In LAX Fight For The Ages by JustSmokey

O’Brien (dude laying the beat down) actually got tossed for this.  Was a hell of a one sided fight.  Guess the refs didn’t appreciate.  Every time these two teams play it is EDGY.  Great game to watch…cheap tickets…go support your ‘local’ team.