If You Live In Philly, This Company Will Deliver You Sex Toys On Demand For Valentine’s Day

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If you live in the City Of Brotherly Love and you’re not prepared for some last-minute kink on Valentine’s Day, the on-demand connivence store goPuff has your back. If you’re not familiar, goPuff is kind of like a 7-11 on wheels — You order whatever online or using their app and a delivery guy shows up at your door with whatever. For example, if you live in Philly — “vibrators, gag kits, and pocket pool balls.”

goPuff is a “convenience store on wheels” – and your 1-stop shop for a sensual and spicy V-day celebration – that delivers the above items (plus 3,000 other products!) straight to your door super fast in 30 mins or less to savor the moment —b/c let’s be honest, what’s worse than interrupting foreplay with a trip to the c-store?!

For their hometown customers in Philadelphia, they’ve added an assortment of spicier options with vibrators, cock rings, butt plugs, gag kits, and pocket pool balls – which have been so popular already, they’ve had to restock in time for Tuesday. And for the other 14 markets they operate in… if you’re a gift-less procrastinator, you can still get the more traditional roses, chocolates, teddy bears and scented candles delivered on-demand to impress the S.O. and make sure you get laid this year.

Here are some of the selections currently available in the Valentine’s Day section of the app:

gopuff-vday-3 gopuff-vday-2 gopuff-vday-1 gopuff-vday-4

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