Let’s Watch This Competitive Eater Set A World Record By CRUSHING 25 Big Macs In One Sitting

This week we learned what happens to your body after you consume one Big Mac. But what happens to your body after you eat 25 Big Macs? The top-ranked Major League Eating competitive eater Matt Stonie decided to find out.

Stonie and his boys roll up to their local McDonald’s establishment and freak the drive-thru operator out when he orders 25 Big Macs. They eventually sizzle up the remarkable amount of burgers, and a short time later Stone walks out $130 and 11-lbs of McDonald’s fatty goodness.

Megatoad sets a world record by devouring 25 Big Macs in 22 minutes. That’s 13,500 calories, 700 grams of fat, 24,250 milligrams of sodium and 1,175 grams of carbohydrates for those of you who are scoring at home.

11 minutes later.