Savage Dude Shatters Glass Bottle Over Another Guy’s Head In Ratchet AF Convenience Store Fight

About a minute in and WHHAAAATTTTTTTT!!!!!!? Chances camo pants is in a coma right now? 2 to 1?

I have no idea why two men would feel the need to host an all out brawl in a convenience store like a 7-Eleven or an In-And-Out. You can find all the candy, slurpees, beer, lottery tickets and 8-hour old pizza you need in one of those joints, and I just don’t understand why you would be unhappy enough to fight someone – and wreck the entire fucking store in the process – over something probably trivial.

Now, I know the more hobo-esque of the guys in the video above was purporting that money was stolen from him before he got walloped with that glass bottle not once but twice, and that’s not cool. But still, take it outside fellas. Pretty sure it doesn’t matter who instigated what, but taking a glass bottle to someone else’s dome in this situation 1,000,000% constitutes assault. Especially because it was caught on film.

I almost have to applaud the guy who risked his own life standing around and recording this, too. Holding it down right in the eye of the storm, knowing the violence could come his way at any second. Also, it was amazing that he didn’t say a word after the bottle smashing when these two incoherent fools were still arguing back and forth.

If it was me, I wouldn’t have been able to resist yelling “WORLDSTARRRRR!” like a billion times.

[h/t Barstool Philly]