I Wouldn’t Wish This ‘Convenience Store Ski Mask Prank’ On My Worst Enemy Yet Somehow I’m Still Laughing

I’m beginning to wonder about these pranks, and at what point they go from being harmless ‘pranks’ and turn into straight up torture. If I were working the night shift at a convenience store and an entire crew rolled in wearing ski masks late ate night and the first words out of their mouths were ‘I only got one thing to say’ it’s at that point that I’d begin shitting my pants. I get that this is a prank, and I was laughing, but at what point do we recognize the fact that these pranksters are actually tormenting the ever living shit out of people?

I guess we all know what we’re getting when it comes to these pranks, and the guys behind this prank video (HoldenTwinzTV) are as ruthless as any channel on YouTube. They’re huge on doing ‘hood pranks’, and really anything that would completely disorient someone on the street (like a blind man wiping feces on them). And as I’m scrolling through their catalog of videos I’m actually quite amazed by the fact that none of these guys have been seriously injured yet for the shit they pull. So I guess I’ve got a little respect for them, because for months (years?) they’ve been able to navigate situations that’d get a normal human being shot.